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Gardtec Incorporated, the world’s Number 1 Brand of the most technologically advanced fan accessory products, has been advised by our raw material suppliers of fan filter foam material, effective immediately, allocation, coupled with the 2nd price increase in 2020.

The impact of Hurricane Laura in the Gulf Coast has created many issues within the petrochemical industry. As a result, FXI is being forced to declare Force Majeure for an undetermined amount of time.

Gardtec will continue to monitor the situation closely and is leveraging its suppliers to minimize the impact to our customers.

Interview Contact:  David J. Petersen CEO/President

Tel: 262-634-5560


Gardtec MADE in USA Fan Power Cords

Gardtec Incorporated, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic cooling fan accessories, is announcing  100% MADE in USA Fan Power Cords, including all standard and custom lengths, and daisy chain fan cord assemblies.

The Office of the United States Trade Representative has announced effective immediately, all fan power cords will be subject to an additional 25% tariff.

Gardtec Incorporated is the Official Fan Power Cord supplier to the electronics tubeaxial cooling fan market. Fan Power Cords are designed to fit all current tubeaxial fans, including AC and DC fans that require fan power cords. Current designs include lengths from 3.0-over 200” to meet all customer design demands. Designs are available with unlimited connection options, including polarized Red Tracer for DC fan applications, as well as NEMA plug options.

Daisy Chain Cord Assemblies are designed for multiple fan connections, allowing for up to 10 fans to be conneblogcted with a single fan cord assembly.

Fan Power Cords have normal lead times of stock – 2 weeks.

Additional information of Fan Accessory products, including Fan Power Cords and Daisy Chain Fan Cords is available at, or by contacting Gardtec direct at 262-634-5560, or emailing

Interview Contact: Christopher D Petersen, VP Sales, Tel. 262-534-5560.