Gardtec Incorporated Signs Essentra Components

Further Expanding European Market Coverage for Fan Accessory Products

RACINE, Wis. May 10, 2017 Gardtec Incorporated, the leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of fan accessory products, including wire and plastic fan guards, fan/daisy chain fan power cords, plastic and metal fan filter assemblies, and fan tray assemblies for the OEM/Distribution market, today announced that it has finalized a wide reaching European distributor agreement with Essentra Components. This new agreement represents 20 new sales locations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, with an industry leading supplier, offering over 100,000 standard catalog items available immediately from stock. Essentra Components and Gardtec are well positioned to leverage extensive geographical distributor capacity, using sourcing, manufacturing and IT platforms to efficiently respond to our international customer base.

Newark Electronics/Element 14 & Gardtec Incorporated Join Forces

GARDTEC INCORPORATED: The Number 1 Brand in the Fan Accessory Market, and Newark Electronics/Element 14, 6th largest seller of electronic components, with sales of $1.5 billion worldwide, have joined forces. This new agreement will include the entire breath of fan accessory products offered by Gardtec, as well as many specialty fan accessory products to better serve the broad range of Newark/Element 14 customers.

The agreement will cover worldwide sales of Gardtec branded products in The Americas, Europe, and Asia. Gardtec products included in the agreement are wire and plastic fan guards, metal and plastic fan filter assemblies, fan trays, and fan power cords.

Gardtec products are designed to conform to the newest requirements in REACH, RoHS, PFOS and other international safety standards. This includes REACH requirements which will go into effect in September 2017, regarding the total elimination of Cr6 during the plating process, as well as all 173 banned substances. Additionally, product are compliant with RoHS amendment 2015/863.

Gardtec products offer the market the unique position of providing the customer base with full UL approved materials, rated at 94V-0 and UL94HF-1, the highest rating in the industry for fan plastic accessory products.



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Food Processing Equipment Wire Form Products

GARDTEC INCORPORATED: The # 1 Brand in the fan accessory market, manufacturer of wire and plastic fan guards, metal and plastic fan filter assemblies, fan trays, fan cords including daisy chain fan cords is pleased to announce the introduction of the Food Processing Equipment custom wire forms products family.

Gardtec, long known as the markets largest producer of fan accessory products for the electronics market, has developed over the past 5 years, a complete line of standard and customer wire form products for such companies as Middleby-Marshall, Taylor, True Manufacturing, Beverage Air, Carter-Hoffman, NU-VU, Glastendar, Nor-Lake and Stoelting, among others.

Customer wire form products are manufactured to customer specifications and include stainless steel, with electro deposit finishes, steel products with bright hard nickel chrome and powder coating finishes in various colors. All products are manufactured to the most current RoHS and REACH requirements, including new REACH requirements being introduced in September 2017, which will completely eliminate the current plating process of Cr6 and replace it with Cr3, which is 100% safe to both humans and the environment.



  1. Petersen email:, 2909 Mt. Pleasant Street Racine, WI 53404 Tel: 262.634.5560


REACH/RoHS Standards Change in September 2017
Racine, Wisconsin – January 25, 2017
GARDTEC INCORPORATED: September 2017, the plating world for fan guards will change dramatically. REACH has made the determination that it will sunset Cr6 Hexavalent Chromium from the plating process, a production process that has been in place for over 50 years. The Cr6, a known cancer causing agent will now be required to be discontinued in the actual manufacturing of the chrome plated fan guards 120mm fan guard. Up until this time, certain allowable limits were permitted, that has changed beginning September 2017. The problems will arise in the industry, given that other than Gardtec, there is no active plating company in the Chinese fan guard 80mm fan guard market, that either has the capital to make the change, or the technical ability to comply with these new REACH standards. Companies that either manufacture for the Euro market, or intend to market in the future will find themselves in violation of REACH rules. Unlike RoHS in which there are no specific fines, violations of REACH are governed by individual “States” within Europe and penalties can be extremely severe.
Powder coated fan guards finger guards, fall outside of current REACH/RoHS standards for environmental issues and are considered safe. Electro Deposit fan guards 120mm fan filter also fall into the area which is considered both safe for the environment and production workers. Fan tray assemblies, fan power cords, daisy chain fan cords, do not typically contain substances which are included in either the REACH/RoHS banned materials categories.
REACH, which is the European Union set of regulations, with the driving purpose to address production and use of chemical substances in both the finished product, as well as the actual manufacturing environment for purposes of protecting human health and the environment.

C. Petersen email:, 2909 Mt. Pleasant Street Racine, WI 53404, Tel: 262-634-5560


Gardtec Incorporated has been issued The Commercial And Government (CAGE) Code # 4N9V1. This 5 charater ID number is used extensively within the federal government, assigned by the Department of Defense’s “Defense Logistics Agency”(DLA). The CAGE code is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government and provides a standardized method of identifying a given legal entity at a specific location.

The awarding of the CAGE code will now allow Gardtec Incorporated to support all government requirements for fan accessory products, including wire and plastic fan guards, metal and plastic fan filter assembly, fan power cords, as well as various fan tray assemblies.


It’s Getting Hot Hot Hot!

Spring is just around the corner: rain is pouring, trees are budding and temperatures are warming up just enough, to make us forgot the sub-zero temperatures of a Midwest winter.cab701_green

With spring comes warm temperatures and with the barometer rising, we need to focus on cooling our cabinets. It is important to keep your fan guards clean, green fan cords properly connected, and filter assemblies dust free. It doesn’t matter if your fan cooling accessories are standard or custom, keeping your cabinets in tip-top shape, is the only way to beat the heat.

 Gardtec Incorporated, as the largest manufacturer of fan cords in the market, is continually working to create new and better designs in order to solve our customers design requirements. Customer designs ranging from a single fan to up, to 10 fans in series which can be designed into a single fan cord, known as daisy chain fan cord assembly.


Fan cord designs are also available as completed assemblies, including unlimited connector variations to meet any design requirements.


Stainless Steel Fan Guards

Gardtec, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated line of stainless steel fan guards. Previously, the market has been provided with either a steel, or plastic fan guard, neither of which are able to stand up to the harsh environmental conditions often required of a fan guard. gt_sc120_w5

 The new line of stainless steel fan and finger guards is offered in a complete range of sizes, including: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 92mm, 120mm, 162mm and 254mm.

 The new line is manufacture from 304 stainless steel, with an additional treatment applied to further insure the longevity of the product by eliminating rust and corrosion caused by various environmental conditions.

 The complete line of stainless steel finger guards is immediately available from stock.

Gardtec, Inc. offers a full line of cooling fan accessories including: fan guards, custom fan guards, power cords, fan cords, custom cords, filter assemblies, plastic push-on guards  and many other accessories to improve your cooling experience.


Ghost Ship: The Containers We Never See

Posted by David Petersen


2014, the importation market has received a very high number of questions from our customers, relative to the status of the West Coast situation including the most recent development with a very significant Port Congestion Surcharge levied by carriers.

 We are seeing what is unprecedented in the US market, the implications will have profound effects upon all imports, and the situation only looks to become increasing worse.shipyard

For many months, the congestion at both the L.A. and Long Beach ports has crippled the normal flow of containers, in, as well as out. There are several reasons that account for this problem, including chassis availability and an unexpected surge in overall volume. This has now placed the industry into very long dwell times and significant additional charges for all customers.

 Shippers are all well aware of the standard free time offered by ports. During this congestion time period, free time is not being allowed, forcing shippers to now carry the additional cost burden of those charges, including many who have already seen very significant increases.

Labor negotiations between the PMA and ILWU continue along, but labor issues are now beginning to be demonstrated with slowdowns in Seattle, Portland and Oakland, with workers being sent home due to low productivity. The net effect for shippers will certainly result in higher costs.

November 17, 2014 carriers have imposed a Port Congestion Surcharge of $1000.00/40’ cargo arriving at all US West Coast ports.   This massive increase, based on an arrival date with virtually no advance notice is unheard in the U.S. market. The market is bracing for a very large negative impact for virtually all customers, which we expect to continue until the labor negotiations are concluded. Once concluded, the congestion issue is expected to remain for a yet undetermined amount of time.

During the 2002 labor action, which only lasted 10 days, the end result was months of related equipment shortages worldwide, again used for significantly increasing worldwide prices. The normal flow of containers back to the origin ports is vital to the ongoing business. It can be argued that the labor problems of 2002 were not nearly as significant, or costly, than the equipment imbalance surcharges associated with those shortages.

Today, international shipping is fully intertwined in the business model of most companies, as we enter 2015 we will keep you posted and hope that ongoing labor negotiations are concluded shortly.